February 2016

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2/5/16 Report Card Dates

January 2016

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1/11/16 Basketball Game with Riverdale 1/8/16
1/6/16 January 2016 Lunch Menu Files
1/6/16 Early Dismissal Days
1/6/16 Two Schools One Home Production

December 2015

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12/16/15 Principal's Visit Buckingham Files
12/15/15 Winter Program 2015 Files
12/1/15 Food Service Information Files

November 2015

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11/19/15 Thanksgiving Luncheon Files
11/6/15 About Our School Files

ParentLink & Cell Phones

Good Afternoon Everyone!

In the event of an emergency, ParentLink is our most efficient and expedient way to communicate. Please take a moment to log into your ParentLink account and verify your phone is enabled to receive ParentLink messages.

Activating your text function does not in any way allow people to respond back to you or to see your number in ParentLink. Your number is safe.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look into this.

To verify: Cell phone number will receive Parentlink Texts.

Log into your Parentlink Account (https://leecounty.parentlink.net)

Click on “MY ACCOUNT” from the Home screen

The below screen will appear.

If your mobile number is not present, click “ADD” and follow the instructions below.

Once your mobile number is present – make sure that the “ENABLED” column has a checkmark in it.

If it does not, your cell phone is NOT set up to receive messages.

To enable texts,  Click the square box to the left of “Mobile”

Then Click “Enable”. This will enable your cell phone to receive texts from the Parentlink system