Dress Code

The purpose of the Dress Code is to encourage students to focus on the learning process without the distractions of unsuitable dress and grooming. Students shall maintain a clean, orderly appearance at all times.

The responsibility for the personal appearance of the student rests with the parent/guardian and the student. Personal appearance shall not detract from the educational process. The following establishes the minimum acceptable standards for student dress to be interpreted and enforced by the administration or designee.

  1. Shoes shall be worn at all times. Shower shoes and/or bedroom slippers are not permitted.
  2. Apparel shall be adequate in both length and coverage to be considered appropriate for school.
  3. Pants shall be worn fastened and at the waist.
  4. Altered clothing, i.e., cut-off jeans, pants with holes, tears, rips, etc., and/or ill-fitting garments are not acceptable.
  5. Shirts and blouses shall be appropriately fastened in accord with the design of that shirt or blouse. The length should extend beyond the waist level. Spandex or stretchy skirts are prohibited.
  6. Transparent or see-through tops, bare midriff, strapless, or low-cut clothing, or tops that provide minimum coverage or are of a suggestive nature are prohibited: halters, spaghetti straps, backless dresses or tops, tub tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, or any clothing which may be distracting are prohibited.
  7. Any articles of clothing or jewelry that could likely cause injury, such as chains, rings, chokers, with or without spikes or studs, are prohibited. Wallet chains of any length are prohibited.
  8. Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any other illegal activity are prohibited.
  9. Apparel or symbols which may be gang related may not be displayed on a student’s person, locker, vehicle, or personal belongings.
  10. Gang related tattoos or other tattoos that may cause a substantial disruption, as determined by the administration, are prohibited.
  11. Neither headgear (hoods, hats, bandanas) nor sunglasses will be worn inside the building.
  12. Clothing with slogans or advertising that has a double meaning is prohibited.
  13. Shorts and skirts must extend beyond the end of the fingertips with arms extended downward and should approach the knee. No short shorts or running shorts are allowed.
  14. Prohibited adornments (piercings) include, but are not limited to, hoops or rings attached to the nose, eyebrow, cheeks, or lip.
  15. Pajama attire of any kind is not permitted.
  16. Long coats, including trench coats are not permitted inside the building.
  17. Blankets, pillows, gloves and/or stuffed animals are not appropriate for school.